Pokoknya Pulang


Since graduating from high school I had left home for college in Yogya. Mother sobbed remove the departure of the youngest, I value too much. (Then followed by writing the now existing in the beginning).

Upon arrival in Yogyakarta, I was busy following the guidance of a series of activities to learn to go to college. Very pleasant atmosphere makes me forget the time. Forget when it's almost two months I did not communicate with Mom! I remember, when I then contacted the mother, asking her to call me back. And, she was dominating the conversation. I do a lot of silent and still feel his advice too excessive.

Two years passed. Lectures begin exhausting. With baseball GPA embarrassing, I apply steady work practices in consultancy arstitektur in Bali. Voila! I accepted and immediately leave the semester. Bali and all the colors that can be tasted gave me invaluable experience. And, again, I tersontak when mother complained because I missed contacted. I also realized that I had an obligation to keep in touch.

Time rolled on, I was finishing college. Then, while in the pause before the graduation, there is a large tsunami disaster in Aceh. With light, I stepped join humanitarian organizations to be technical team. The first three months I passed with thousands of aid workers from around the world was incredible. Ideas, breakthrough, problem solving, and creativity exchange actually lull me to sink away in my own world. At the same second, I like sank when my cell phone rang, on display lettering "Mami calling."

Inevitably, Mrs. cranky. Because I do not say as long as it is in Aceh. Nor does it say that I postpone graduation.

"Just go home!" He commanded. The next day, I packed up and take care of permission to go home.

The series of the drama surrounding the mother's anger that had crossed my mind shattered when he immediately brought me back home, to the house Opung. Long story short, the ride Mother and daughter be so exciting, when he told me that I inherited nature. In the past, the story, mother also likes to disappear while a family gathering. Not just a family gathering with father, mother, brother, and sister, but also a family gathering with an uncle, aunt, cousin, even his nephew, who used to do while cooking lunkhead from morning until sunset. Everyone has duties respectively, from shopping at the market, cooking preparation, preparation of a fire in the wood stove, to whom so pengadon. Opung, are well aware of the hobby nosy mother, always has a trick that Mother had a hand in the family togetherness. Although not stirred, at least the mother in charge of maintaining long-dough mixer lunkhead. For Mom, memory lunkhead cook with family as a child leaves a trail of very sweet.

How a sense of caring, affection, closeness, and protect each other more and more felt when laughter laughing while enjoying lunkhead work together.

From there, I firmly stepped back to the province to continue the unfinished work. Then, back to Yogyakarta to complete the pending graduation. On the way, I equip myself a box of memories Mother lunkhead and touching story. A short trip back home it took me contemplate my habit disappeared, realized fairly deep meaning, that the family is always there where it was sweet memories.