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Puding Tapai Hijau


Green Tapai homemade pudding Dhian is lucrative in one afternoon in the office Rasamasa, how not? Looks fresh. Of course, in addition to want to taste, I was curious want to know the story behind it, let alone a wife that Dhian dense activities. What might still have time to make it?

Whenever the hell pudding recipe Tapai Green began attending family menu?

When I was a kid. Usually mother made without oil because it is more practical. If there is a family event pudding is definitely present. Tapai pudding is also ngangeni, because that's when the desire arises to eat it, we were making.

When was the last family was eating a meal?

This pudding is rarely made. Finally, when asked to photograph in Rasamasa.

Indeed Dhian cook? When will begin to learn to cook?

SD time, it was because there must be a cook in the school exams. Honestly, I was a small age are less interested in entering the kitchen ... hahaha. Now, my husband and happy cooking practical-practical.

Is this pudding dishes Dhian first?

Tapai pudding Green arguably one of the first recipes I try when beginning to learn to make pudding. Precisely, making this the first time because there are tasks Catering junior time, in which all students have to make a pudding. Be my hunt for recipes in cookbooks mother. Realizing still a beginner, I accidentally find that easy. But because you want to get good grades, I find that the material is special and not the market like chocolate pudding or custard fruit. Choice fell on the green tapai pudding recipe. As I recall anyway, get good grades, hehehe.

What husband responses after eating homemade pudding beloved wife?

My husband was not among those who love sweet food snack. But it turns out the husband loves! According to him, this pudding fresh, rich flavor and sweetness fitting.

What are the difficulties and how to work around this?

For those who are not too much spare time, mashing process suji leaves and pandan leaves and make coconut milk can be a burden. To shorten the process, I destroy suji and pandan leaves in a blender and use instant coconut milk products. Save time!

It's like pudding huh?

I love pudding! First time still stay at home parents, once every week there is definitely a pudding served at home for an afternoon snack or as a dessert mouth. In addition to refreshing, easy pudding made. However, now I just had to make if it were a holiday, leisure time more.