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Resep Kreasi Sendiri


Lilian Muryanti born and surrounded by people who like to cook. So do not be surprised if she decided to explore more in the culinary world. However, Francine was not too fond of eating.

Since when did it start like cooking?

Already as a child, I happened to be surrounded by people who cook. My mother was very good at making cakes and clever makeup. Meanwhile, my in-laws are very adept at making any dish, they both also good trade. I myself go to a school that is focused in food. So, cooking is ingrained for me. However, I am not the type who likes to eat, just eat some cake already satiety 2.

Kastengel this recipe since when began to be made? Or learned from family recipes cookbook?

This recipe of his own creations, instead of a cookbook or family. Back when I was in school cooking school, in school I love making fun meal with friends, including this Kastengel. Thank God, every time I make a dish always succeed and never fail, although the first time made ​​it.

How can make it without seeing a prescription? Moreover, baking arguably more difficult than the dish side dishes, for example.

In cooking intuition is important. In making the cake there are certain standard-standard, in contrast to everyday dishes. If everyday dishes, usually fail because of the sweetness or saltiness. And, seasoning in cooking it depends on the penyicip. I've cooked and tasted less salt, I add salt, still feels less salty, plus salt, even so very salty. As for the existing pie dose-specific dose. Kastengel dough is actually similar to the dough nastar. Only, it was sweet while Kastengel nastar savory and salty.

What differentiates it from other Kastengel?

Kastengel I use a mixture of margarine and butter. The results obtained so much smoother. If you eat too much crunchy. I also sell these Kastengel, many buyers who say Kastengel I make feels different from others. Instead arrogant, but they told me, had me better. However, since my husband died, seemed to make Kastengel should stop first. I have to focus diusaha mi father pioneered. It's a lot of customers who ask this Kastengel. Children also actually said, "make Kastengel bu dong."

Whether in making anyone help?

So far I only helped by my son first and second. Two of my children it is a hobby to make the cake. So far, in addition to two of my children, my niece just that I teach make this Kastengel. Although no prescription or specific guidelines, each hand it will create a different flavor. The more hands will cause a lot of sense. In the past, my nephew is also often wrong in making this recipe. I told him, "Do not ever reduce or increase the existing material on my prescription. "Sometimes there are people who economical so that the dose is reduced. Cooking it should not be stingy, must be willing to use the best quality materials.