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Rindu Gabus Pucung


Pucung cork, one of the rare Betawi cuisine. Sabil al Rasjid which is a renowned chef Betawi sit together to discuss the origin Rasamasa Pucung Cork.

What is a cork heron?

The Cork Pucung Betawi cuisine made from cork and heron. Cork is a species of freshwater fish that normally live in the swamp. Meanwhile, heron is Betawi language for kluwek. Cork Display Pucung own jet.

Why should the cork?

In the past, the area of ​​Jakarta is still a swamp. when the flood, would much gained fresh fish such as cork or tilapia. If present may have been cultivated both types of fish. This dish has a savory taste of cork itself and seasoning used. Then become a cork heron.

What year did you start the creation of cork heron?

I forget exactly when. Approximately 10 years ago.

Currently, when the cork is usually served heron?

Cork heron commonly served for daily meals. These foods should be served warm because otherwise it would seem fishy.

Is heron cork is still often presented by Betawi people today?

Currently there are several restaurants in the area serving cork Bekasi heron, but I feel they cook does not fit my style and taste. Betawi people themselves were rarely present heron cork because it looks jet black. People are reluctant to take it because it thought it will be chaotic. However, for those who've tried it, cork heron makes longing, always want to dine with cork heron.

What are tips for cooking cork heron?

Must use fresh herbs. Never use fresh spices that not even one chili. Cork has a tendency to smell fishy. So before cooking, cork should be smeared with lime to remove the fishy smell. I also do not like the banana so do not use a banana. But for those who like, please add a banana or leeks. Use a small fire also allow the flavors to seep and teksur maintained. Do not use too much water so as not crushed cork.