Recipe Stories

Rujak Cuka


Starting from the celebration of her sister, Siti Khomsah given a recipe salad vinegar which then became a recipe pride. Through a telephonic conversation, Siti Khomsah tells the story behind this recipe.

How the beginning of the mother started making this vinegar salad?

First it was when my sister wanted to marry his daughter. My sister was living in London, the future is still strong culture to help each other, make a dish when there are relatives that celebration. In contrast to the present, can be booked through the catering. At that time, I was presented with vinegar salad recipe. Although I have always been a hobby of cooking when I was offered this recipe would like to figure out what will this salad. If you cook it right depending on the cook, the dose is in the recipe may not be suitable applied directly. Thus, although there is a recipe, salad vinegar remain unchanged in terms of the main ingredients. If the sauce ingredients does not. And, this recipe is actually more to the recipe than Waterford Sunda.

Does everyone live like?

Yes everyone instantly liked. Usually, if the vinegar salad is served, sold out. So I had to make it in large portions.

Has anyone asked for the recipe?

There are also people who asked for this recipe. But many have failed. They always say, "I made ​​vinegar salad why it feels different with homemade salad Mrs. Khom." They still do not ever bring them to me artificial results so I do not know where that makes the difference.

In recipes using apples, whether this initiative mom?

Yes, if it do not be stingy cooking ingredients. Use quality ingredients and tasty. Why apples? Because I love apples, apples also have a sense of crisp and fresh. Vinegar salad that tasted a bit sour, coupled with apples so much better. The color became more colorful.

Besides apples, mother ever use other materials?

Ever. Suitable materials other than apple guava, guava never use as many seeds and easy mushy.

Until now, still routinely make salad vinegar?

Still, if there is a celebration always made. Yesterday I was just asked to make this vinegar salad to welcome guests.

The trick to making a salad as a mother for what?

Jicama and apple the fruit is hard, to make them a bit soft, enter these two first into the sugar syrup. Then, let stand for 10 minutes, then enter the other ingredients, such as pineapple, bean sprouts, cabbage, and cucumber. And, do not forget to taste before serving, if it fits great.