Sahabat Rasamasa dan Gaya Masaknya 2


Yesterday we wrote about Lasmono Joanna (Jo) and the style of cooking, just birthday. Differences with Jo, style Arfi Binsted cook who lives in New Zealand another.

First I know Arfi Binsted of posts on his blog about Ayam taliwang. I was very impressed with the effort Arfi to cook this in her kitchen in Auckland, with all the limitations of existing seasoning. To cook chicken Taliwang, Arfi rely on his memory of this dish from one of the cafes in Bali. Similarly, tempeh and rengginang are made based on the memories of his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Maybe tempeh and rengginang very everyday for us in Indonesia. But for Arfi, attempts to fulfill his desire to be both food must be passed with little struggle.

A time so eager to eat chili tempeh, tempeh Arfi to create their own. We all know that tempeh require a constant temperature in order to perfect the process of fermentation. After experimenting with using chicken incubator incubator, until finally he tried to use a low temperature oven automatically the lowest temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Still too hot than the incubator temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, but inkutabor is being used. Although worry too hot, he still tried. The Result? The spread of white mold evenly, meaning tempeh success.

Besides tempeh, Arfi also create their own rengginang in cloudy weather in the winter. This is encouraged because of his desire to enjoy the moment rengginang. Again Arfi lucky, the sun that rarely appear in the winter in Auckland, finally appeared. Rice can also be dried to make glutinous rice crispies.

Arfi different styles with Jo. To be able to survive cooking in overseas, Arfi stories are colored with stories substitution and make any dish, even the material, from zero. To be sure every desire, he will continue to seek a way out with all the limitations around him. This is what we refer to as the hero in Indonesian cooking.

To listen to the stories Arfi recipe from New Zealand, can click here .

In addition to the video series Kitchen Jo, we also issued three family recipes that we received from three different people: Anyang Timon Djalil Pirous, Soto Mi Tita Witoelar, and Cork Pucung Sabeel Al Rasjid. Anyang Timon is everyday dishes in Aceh. There, dishes that are daily usually prepared by the mother, but Mr. Pirous who gave to us.

All recipes from Rasamasa we've tried, so can be rewritten with the obvious. Hundreds of recipes we have prepared so that when live,

The first person we spoke to page Eating Together is Wahyu Aditya who not only took the time but also illustrating a tempeh recipe mendoan mother in Malang.

Since the beginning, we developed thanks to the support of our friends were introduced to the contributors and sources.

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