Sambal Botol Rumahan Yang Meledak-Ledak

The last few months of this, there is almost always 3-4 homemade sauce bottle in the fridge in my house. Whereas previously almost never so ..

Maybe sauce bottle is not something new for most people, but for me a bit different. How many months before the 2014 change, I feel so much more often seen condiment bottles everywhere, from supermarkets to the bakery! Thus, the refrigerator at home and in the office fridge was filled with many sauce bottles.

What the heck, bottled chili sauce? Usually people would call Sambal Mrs. Rudy , understand that this is not a new chili sauce, but bottled chili grind. Championed is exploding explosive taste, and flavor enhancements such as shrimp, fish or squid roa.

At the supermarket near my house, one dedicated to the sauce bottle rack housing. In fact, there are some who placed at the checkout. From my previous experience, these two positions are positions that are usually paid by major branded products.

What is also interesting, this condiment bottle packaging has its own design. Starting from the traditional to the basket until there is a very modern design. Normally, I would see the label for a moment, and tend to immediately see a list of ingredients and seasonings. You see, it's easy to make sauce, so if you had to buy, buy that as naturally as possible. Aside from the supermarket, I can order a home-made sauce from mothers.

Finally, I bought sauce Mrs. Rudy, in bakery Tan Ek Tjoan, Cikini, which has now been moved. However, the most satisfied if you buy directly from mothers because at least so it was still close to the impromptu sauce made himself at home. Perhaps for this reason that we find in google with keywords selling chili , chili brand first appeared is Sambal-law .

In the refrigerator at home, there are about 4-5 sauce bottle still contains ½ - ¾ full for less too bad. It may be that will increase in number because I still continue the search for chili that can be addictive. Only, the problem of this home bottled chili sauce tastes can vary every purchase.

Ever, I love the taste of spicy sauce until menabok up my direct message again after it. Turns slap in the face this time down to a slap in the purchase of the second batch. Be 4-5 sauce bottle was still pretty full for the reprocessed be fried or pan-fried rice with egg or eggplant. In addition to taste, maybe that makes this bottle chili behavior is its versatility as cocolan or as material for the reprocessed as for fried rice, omelet, or eggplant Balado earlier.

In the refrigerator in the office Rasamasa , sauce bottles in the fridge we were faster. First, all like spicy, second, sauce bottle is very helpful to add flavor to our lunch. Moreover, if the spicy taste explosive, could be material chatter happens.

I personally can imagine that this will further condiment bottle exploded in the market. For those who like chili, of course I am happy that many flavors sauce bottles on the market, but I would be happy again if the quality and taste of bottled sauce is more consistent in 2015 and into the future!