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Santai Ditemani Tahu Isi


Taking the concept of the all-day café, Eatology is widely known by his western dishes, like steak and pizza. Who would have thought, Eatology also serves Indonesian food as one of the flagship menu.

Indonesian food what is a favorite here?

We had a 3 course meal in the menu Eatology Indonesia, namely fried rice, oxtail soup, and know the contents. The most preferred is to know the contents.

What separates out the contents in Eatology with elsewhere?

The idea actually came from Yosie, Eatology manager. However, when it knows the content is still a regular menu. When Chef Sukriyadi join Eatology, we have developed this menu. Recipes know made want to present something Indonesia, but with a different flavor. We were thinking of making the contents know more classy, ​​with spices that are more complex. As a result, knows the contents here are made ​​with meat sauce and sprinkled with homemade onion. After going through a phase of trial and error, be know the contents Eatology style.

Interesting experience in presenting to know the contents?

There are still many who think that know the content presented here would like to know the contents of which are sold at the roadside. Of course, after the visitors tried, they would be able to distinguish the contents Eatology know others and know the contents.

What's the secret to know the contents?

We make your own sauce used. The meat used in any good quality

Tips and tricks to make this recipe?

Always use fresh ingredients. Use hot oil well and a lot of when frying, so know not absorb too much oil and precocious.

Drink what is suitable to accompany the meal to know the contents? If in the UK there is a culture of drinking tea and biscuits, then the contents Know Eatology can also accompanied with tea while relaxing in the afternoon.

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