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Satai Ayam Gaya BBQ


Mary Sasmiro who now lives in Portland, Oregon-USA followed her husband really likes Tastings. Former art director in Jakarta, now engrossed to his new profession as a writer. His first book entitled "Traveling with Heart" was published Scholastic. His second book "Explore, Eat, and Enjoy". Currently, the kitchen became her favorite place in the house. The difficulty looking for a scent satai roadside carts like in the homeland makes working hard to make this satai recipe.

What is the background for the recipe chicken satai this?

Since the reunion with former friends in Indonesia during office who now lives Vancouver, Canada. At that time, we both want to reminisce with our exciting periods in Indonesia, when we overtime at the old office in the country. We used to ask the office boy satai buy chicken. The overtime period is remembered better when both are married and live in a foreign land, far from the homeland.

What difference does this recipe with satai satai brother-brother of our wagon?

Satai my own homemade chicken .. hehe ... its homemade strong impression, because the cook himself. Cleanliness is also more awake. More healthy as well as if not wearing cook various flavorings. Matter of taste, too much can be formulated according to taste alone. Who liked the original better add the more salt, like sweet, sweet soy sauce added, there is less like the scent of onions, can be adjusted to suit personal taste.

What tips that can make the recipe?

Not afraid to bother. No fear or disgust when chopping meat and meraciknya with herbs. If I cook is not 100% by the book or attend a friend's recipe blindly. Often try to own as well. That important information and materials already know how to cook. Later add salt to taste the sweetness added respectively. At the end, it is also like an adventure cooking in the kitchen with this seasoning it.

How long for this satai?

Satai was prepared while chatting with a friend who also nyambi committee toddler in Vancouver. Start of cut chicken, spice up, prepare peanut sauce so many hours haha ​​... But if this was not to be disturbed, when cooking at home, I cut once spice up the chicken meat from the night and I keep it in the refrigerator. The next morning freshly baked and seasonings more pervasive.

How to spice peanuts, ngulek own?

For the peanut sauce when cooking at home in Portland, Oregon, I buy bottled peanut sauce in Asian groceries stores. Well, I give my touch by adding chili, onion, and fresh lemon juice to be more stable but practical.

How this satai response eat?

Because living in the distant continent of Indonesia, automatic miss the cuisine of the country, so welcome family members and friends were treated to a positive. If I entertain friends not from Indonesia, marinade made ​​no semedok such as in Indonesia, as well as reduced spicy taste.

Satai can think of where this recipe?

If this chicken satai, learned from an old friend, when I visited Vancouver, Canada. When returning home in Portland, Oregon, at that time, summer, feels happy bersate ria-style BBQ in the yard with my family enjoying the sun appeared stingy. Within a year, we can only enjoy it easy in the garden in an atmosphere of warm air only 2-3 months.

What stories are remembered for this satai?

Problem satai this chicken, funny story. At that time, when in Vancouver, my friend ELYT Donovan taught me to cook this satai while taking care of babies. Abroad is not like in the existing Indonesian maid, driver, and others. So it is quite troublesome, briefly cut chicken, babies crying, so he must take care of first. But fun, cook and reminisce the time when they become a career woman in Jakarta.