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Satai Padang Manis Itu Palsu


Satai authentic desert does not have a sweet taste. This cuisine is felt once rempahnya spices.

Since when did it start to cook this recipe?

I started cooking this recipe since I was married to a man who has a lineage Minang. I myself was taught by my husband by aunt from Pariaman. My husband is derived from Lubuk cone, near Bukit Tinggi.

But whether before marriage has been a hobby of cooking?

Incidentally I am fond of cooking since I was not married. Any cook it. So, when married just simply adjust the taste of food with people who eat tongue. For example, yes satai this field.

Minang cuisine is famous for spices taste very strong. Even as it is too strong taste, for those who are not of Minang will have difficulty in digesting it. Does this happen to you? Is this recipe also been modified?

I happen to come from East Java which has a sweet and spicy taste. Recipes taught purely accidental prescription of Minang without any modification. However, my goats seasoning mix. Most do use the original spice of Minang and partly is the spice of goats from East Java which is usually made by the Arabs.

So there is no difficulty in eating this dish?

Fortunately does not. However, be careful when eating the seasoning goats all come from Minang because herbs are very powerful rempahnya

How do you experience when I first made ‚Äč‚Äčthis dish? Whether directly managed or need several trials?

The first time I made, fortunately, immediately successful. My husband himself who try this dish. So no need to test.

Using mutton, whether healthy to eat?

In my opinion, processed meat has been first boiled so that their fat is gone. This recipe also contains many useful herbs for health.

I happen not Minang and satai meadow meal I've ever had a slightly sweet taste. For those who come into contact with food Minang, how to taste authentic wilderness?

Satai authentic desert does not have a sweet taste. The cuisine is very strong spices rempahnya. So, if consuming rempahnya somewhat less or tasted a little sweet, then it's not the original recipe. Minang cuisine in Jakarta must have been adapted to the tongue of people who live here. And some have already lost the authentic flavor.

What tips in presenting an authentic desert satai?

It certainly must be considered seasoning. Seasoning used to be in one piece is not already a spice paste or minced. It is important, though derived from the same material, but the seasoning milled less pronounced. If you can not ngulek, just use a blender. When the cook must keep stirring to prevent clumping seasoning.