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Sayur Serai Penghangat Keluarga


Who was the idea that it can be used lemongrass main dish at the dinner table? Rasamasa also become increasingly rich on a dish of lemon grass after a leaked story of Siti Anisah. "First time to try cooking mama I also feel strange, and do not want to try it again. However, because mama often cook it too long I so love, "said daughter Francine this Muryati.

Anis, where the origin of this recipe?

Mama learn this lemongrass vegetable recipes from grandma (mom of Mr.) that often we call as Biyung. When mama Cepu origin living in Brits, the birthplace of the father, while it also teaches how to make vegetable Biyung lemongrass on mama. Mama did love and a good cook, so when learning makes no constraints.

What memories do you remember about this recipe?

Lemongrass vegetable dish is often there at the dinner table while we were still living in Brits. Lemongrass easily available in the market at low prices. And as I recall, when making this vegetable, mama and Biyung   always stand shoulder to shoulder-belt bonded lemongrass cut into very thin circular pieces. We who see it (at that time I was a child) can only wait while playing, because it can be cut serainya from morning till noon.

Tell dong about families and family cooking tastes.

Mama always cook their own wishes, anything can be used as a side dish, if anyone does not like a particular food, mama still serve it up to the longer that do not like the food even be loved. Such as lemongrass vegetable ini..ha..ha..ha ..

I remember my uncle who did not like to eat tofu and tempeh, mama knows it directly to cook tofu and tempeh every day. As a result, Om I so love to eat tofu and tempeh.

At home, mom can cook any dish most often served it rawon, urab, tamarind-sour red beans mixed with tetelan beef. Not forgetting also chips, salted fish, and raw sauce that always expected served at the dinner table. Serei stir itself, classified cuisine of Central Java. Biyung get the recipe from her favorite cooking results.

When did this dish is served?

When in Brits, Mama often cooked, served anytime when time allows. Mixed with tofu or tempeh cubes as a supplement. Quite eaten with rice alone, it's been quite remarkable.

What is the usefulness?

As a child, we lived in the village Karangjati, Brits city where the air is cold, because that mama and Biyung often make this dish to keep warm. Not only that, according to mama in addition to warm, stir lemon grass can also treat aches and relaxes stiff muscles, such as cramps.

When was the last to enjoy it?

After several years living in Jakarta this, Mama never make lemongrass stir again. Lemongrass is no longer used as a main dish, but for additional materials other vegetables such as soybean paste style Brits. While my last time consuming lemongrass stir when testing recipes in the kitchen Rasamasa.