Secukupnya di Hari Imlek


Had several close friends who celebrate the Lunar makes me familiar with this moment.

My previous leadership which is also a Chinese still often invited former employees to celebrate Chinese New Year with a meal together at his residence. Of course, we are always equipped angpao when leave home. Fun!

Long before the Chinese New Year, I asked one of the friends who were blessed with the birth of her second child in this wooden goat. Is this time he will celebrate the Chinese New Year celebration at once entered upon the increase of new members in the family? "Oh yes, definitely!" He replied cheerfully.

"Since the birth of this fall in peace, I refuse to make the menu frenzied. Just enough, "he added, kissing cheeks champion who had fallen asleep in her lap.

What is it with the menu for the dining table is available in any Chinese? I'm so curious.

My friend explained, mandatory food Chinese when the Chinese family was very diverse. There is a layer cake, cake basket, fungal bloom, duck, sea cucumbers, boiled milk, dumplings, candied fruit, to and fro. "For me, the variety of food like it too much if it is served in our little family. Although the celebration will be accompanied by the birth, I want to make that very simple, which makes me stay happy during cooking and baseball make kemrungsung. Moreover, if the food is wasted. Oh, do not, deh, .. "he added.

What a typical! When I was single once, I also insensitive with leftovers on the plate. After so the wife and have children, I highly monitor food presented at the dinner table of the house. Before cooking in the morning on weekends, I try to measure the fit-out of food for a day.

Different behavior if there are plans to have dinner outside. I kind of food if not far from the stir, meaning that one-time cook two dishes to be had, concise. Plus this condition terkolaborasi with the child's appetite portion depends on his mood. I am well aware of how much food portions Sasha when she was happy and tasteful, and vice versa.

Anyway, about the size of the meal I was very careful. Quite simply, I only have time to cook on the weekends. So, I do not want any wet food ingredients piled in a corner of the refrigerator up to a week. It feels very unhygienic and very wasteful, because, all of it will end up in the trash. I'm not sure if this is done the way most women married, but seek food is not wasted harmonious effort by everyone.

Back again to the story my friend had.

After our meeting the other day, one night he sent a message that I and the family had to visit during the Lunar later, because it will cook. The menu: whole roasted duck which implies loyalty, long noodles should not be cut off, which means hope continually, and some types of vegetables since her husband is a vegetable lovers. I am pleased to afford it, especially my good friend is indeed skilled cook and love to cook. Fits with me who likes to eat the portion of a lot.

A-ha! Suddenly I remembered, it seems not a coincidence if the story is related to my husband and a long discussion about mental revolution predicted by the president of Indonesia. One of which must include food revolution that started from spending on food in our food plate. Happy Lunar yes, gong xi fa cai ... ..!