Selamat Datang Di!


Happy 486th birthday, Jakarta!

For years we have eaten, cooked, and dreamt about what we can do for Indonesian home cooking? Finally, we figured it out, and is born today. For so long we have gone dilly-dallying, talking about food and cooking while thinking, how do we want to serve our ideas? Will it be on portal, a book, or a video? Our discussion went on and one, because we all came from different backgrounds, from the kitchen to digital world.

Our choice finally lands on a portal as home for Rasamasa. Like food, a portal is something that people will huddle around and share stories. From here, we moved to prepare everything for the launch.

Rasamasa's birthday falls on the same date as Jakarta's anniversary, not without a purpose. Jakarta itself is full of stories about home cooking that is intriguing to raise.

Gabus pucung, fish cooked in keluak nut, which is a uniquely Batavian dish, is one that can be seen in our page of Family Favorite Recipes. The only way to enjoy this rare dish, is to cook and have it at home. This recipe came Sabil Al Rasjid's home, one of Rasamasa's friends who is a native of Batavia.

In Rasamasa Channel Youtube, Joanna Lasmono, a mother of two who likes to have her hands on cooking at home, will also be sharing with us, how easy Indonesian home cooking is. Especially for Jakarta's anniversary, Jo, the name that we call her at Rasamasa, cook nasi uduk (fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk) in the way she normally cooks it at home. Watch our Rasamasa Dapur Jo series to understand how she does it. Different from Jo, Petty Elliott who spends a lot of time being surrounded by foreign influences is the first host for our Rasamasa Taste Ideas series. Petty is the author of a cookbook titled Papaya Flower, a collection of her family recipes and personal memories of growing up in Manado, North Sulawesi.

On top of those series, our Resep Kita video series contains various collection of recipes both from Dapur Rasamasa and our friends' kitchen.

There are many more stories behind home cooking that await you in Rasamasa. Do you have similar stories to share? Keep in your bookmark and come and drop by anytime. See you!