Sersan Kupas Ikan

There is a ritual every Wednesday morning at Rasamasa. This year is already underway 2. Always in Rasamasa start working with a talk and input ideas in the office dining table ...

Now, the habit moved to Tuesday! Every Tuesday, we could say things about Indonesian food without the need to cover the emotions felt. Sometimes laughter broke formations, sometimes a tone of concern expressed, not abstinence was also criticism, and regret rise to the surface. All free uttered his views on Indonesian food.

Never on Wednesday morning last December, we talk about the exciting fish. No doubt the presence of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Working Cabinet Jokowi, Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti which has a phoenix-shaped tattoo on the ankle, a trigger discussion about the fish getting sergeant. Sergeant is a term of Sergeant Geronimo, a group bebodoran Radio Geronimo, Jakarta, in the decade 1980s. The term in the 80s often become a buzz word or slang of many people at that time, which means: a serious but relaxed.

Amid increasingly sergeant discussion, I asked the star, colleagues who have responsibility for the events Rasamasa, "you never eat fish ihan?"

"Never miss, DELICIOUS!" Says Star.

Me and Star are both different from Tapanuli but our generation. Naturally, Stars younger than me, but why ihan recollection I have never stopped at pencecap my senses, huh ?! In that instant, I tried ubeg-ubeg memory in the brain, but this ikthiar like vexation, to no avail. There is no shred of memory about diingatan ihan fish. Intrigued yet again subsided, I further asked to star, "if fish haruting, have ever eaten, then?" Replied Stars Behind shook his head, which means, not ever. Alamak! Lest the two types of fish have disappeared from the earth's surface? Dina and Nurmalita, two other colleagues in Rasamasa were also present at the dinner table when it is busy-busy googling, to end both their lips called "O!" In unison. They deftly shows the image into two types of fish that screen notebook.

"Well, it's like a catfish haruting yes, but his head is bigger," said Lita, Nurmalita close calls. "If fish ihan actually more like a goldfish and a little to the arowana, silver gray color scales and slender elongated body," said Dina when finding fish image ihan.

One year ago, also in Jakarta, I remember one other incident of fish. It happened on 24 January 2014. At that time the President of the Republic of Indonesia, issued Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2014 on National Fish Day on 21 November and is not a holiday. The date is equal to the World Fisheries Day, World Fisheries Day. Happy but sad. How not, is not the Creator created the Indonesian archipelago and 2/3 region is an ocean where there are thousands and even millions of species of fish? Hopefully, in cabinet work, work, and this work of fish per capita consumption levels of Indonesian society that remains almost of all ASEAN countries have increased.

Indonesian fish consumption is still low. The year 2012 recorded the level of fish consumption Indonesia at 34.76 kg per capita and in 2013 is targeted to increase to 35.14 kg per capita. Though fish is universal tablets, acceptable to all religions and all classes (does not require special rituals related to slaughter) and can be consumed by all age groups.

When we talk on the above topic is not yet the rainy season. Now, the rain just 'diligent' down because I have a hard time getting fresh catfish. Ask the fishmonger subscription, he said, later in February after the rain never fell. Fish fresh cork easier to come not in the rainy season. Apparently, cork fear of rain or actually trying to spawn? By the way (btw), before the conference catfish February, this January I will to the poor village on the shores of Lake Toba tablets, no see cork hopefully meet ihan and haruting!

Jalesveva Jayamahe, in our oceans jaya! Amen ...