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Siomay Venture Di Rumah Andi


If you google the name Andi S. Why Boediman, will appear a series of very impressive business portfolio in the digital creative industries. Digital Studio to Ideosource, venture capital. What exactly is the venture capital? "In venture capital, we invest / shares in companies engaged in services / digital products (digital media, content, services, and e-commerce). Usually small-scale enterprises are given additional capital, then mentored and developed into a medium-to-large-scale enterprise, "said Andi, greeting familiar.

It's interesting field that they do. More interestingly, when a man is asked about the mainstay of home cooking, homemade dumplings he returned to the law.

One Sunday afternoon, I had the opportunity to eat and chat with Andi and Hennywati, his wife, in Alam Sutera region. Across the table, Cheryl Thalia (11) and Michelle Kiara (12), daughter of Andy and Henny. While there next to my mother-in-law Andy, Tjai Liem Hiong / Lunch Lien (69) and her husband Popong Budiwihardja (70) who lives in Serpong. That afternoon, at the dinner table there are pastel, Hainan chicken rice, and dumplings, everything makes me feel like I'm yum-cha in Chinese restaurants.

Usually everyday dishes like this? Henny: When I cook, moderation. Hainan chicken cooked, pureed. But, it was the release of the night. A typical day, heck, kids menu usually soup.

I heard this special dumplings, huh? Lien Afternoon: grandson, ya, the dumplings hooked. So often cook this.

Andi: It was his favorite mama. If you make can be given to people. My sister from Malang just when it comes kepenginnya eat dumplings. Until it is brought home so souvenirs.

Henny: Usually Mama when brought here dumplings ripe. It is made ​​of minced chicken and yam. Usually made from pork. Delicious eaten with sweet and sour sauce of vinegar and sugar. And can be eaten at any time, as a snack, can also with rice or noodles.

Lien Day: Red-red on it's carrots, formerly, the crab eggs.

In addition to the cuisine here, usually cook what else? Lien Afternoon: If food Betawi, vegetable tamarind. Wear tamarind width of the field. I already famous artificial, rather than arrogant, yes, ha-ha-ha ...

Popong: Vegetable tamarind was to be divided into children and close neighbors. Already diplastikin pack-pack for distribution. Let me close with the neighbors. Typically, in housing, right, baseball people know each other. With this so know each other. Vegetable asemnya famous, ha-ha-ha ...

Andi: Vegetable tamarind Tante Lien.

Like the old days yes, get acquainted with the neighbors with food. Popong: There are neighbors whose hobbies are fishing, if the inducement not want to be treated can be brought here. Later when it's processed subdivided, ha-ha-ha ...

Lunch Lien: In my place the atmosphere is more intimate, closer and small homes. Afternoons can get together.

The second daughter of Andy and Henny, Michelle has scored two mystery story books for children, while Cheryl had an affinity for cooking. According to his grandmother, Cheryl likes to cook. While the Grandfather pushing granddaughter to learn to make dumplings at her grandmother. "Kuo tie it like dumplings, dumplings actually baked. Vegetable different, but the same meat, pork or shrimp. Expensive, "said Popong.

If you are, how? You cook baseball? Andy: Well, baseball never had to cook. We went home with only an average of 8 hours a night.

During engaged in digital, never in contact with the world of Indonesian cuisine? Andi: In the online shop ever anyone sell food products: snacks pasr, chips, pudding local to international. If there are foreign guests who come, I usually herbs in traditional style restaurant as: Flower Goela, Anthology, Tesate. Those interested in the feel of the restaurant which is very cultural and unique food presentation, as well as the rich flavors and spices. Provided it is not too spicy.