Recipe Stories

Soto Mi


Starting from the habit of children who do not spend on food, Tita Witoelar modify recipes from the magazine into a typical family meal

This noodle soup recipe how the bu?

In the past I often annoyed at children, if you eat, food is not exhausted. At that time I was still living in Simprug and must shop alone. Finally I call my second child. I told them, if you do not spend on food habits that action redundant because there are many who are less fortunate. Looks like my children started talks on the menu that they want to eat that food is not left. Children actually came to me with a thrusting Femina magazine. They said, "Ma, it looks like this is good food." I look and I say, "Oh, if you want to eat it, Mama bikinin." That was the beginning of this noodle soup.

Recipes from the magazine, the original or had Mrs. modification?

Not too much, just a few that I modified.

Any modifications made ​​to this recipe?

If the original recipe using tetelan, I replace with Beef shank meat. I sinister look fat pile tetelan, and anyway it is not healthy. The price is more expensive but worth it. Then, use a wet yellow noodles. Looking wet noodles is not easy for and I do not know the quality of wet noodles are sold. So, I replace it with egg noodles.

How to slice kolnya? Whether using fresh cabbage?

If the original recipe, cabbage leaves just washed and sliced, before being put into the soup. If padas bibs my noodles, cabbage boiled briefly. Useful to remove impurities that are still lagging behind. The smell of cabbage leaves can also be minimized by this technique.

Is this a recipe for noodle soup mainstay Mother?

Soto noodles eventually become mandatory food our family. These foods are also often I present when there tarawih, celebration, or recitation. People often ask this noodle soup recipe. It becomes its own satisfaction for me.

In addition to this noodle soup recipe, is there a recipe book is a mainstay Mother?

There is a recipe book that used to accompany my days during Balikpapan. The book was made overseas. First my husband was assigned to Balikpapan, then about 70s and Balikpapan very difficult circumstances. These items should be taken from Surabaya or Jakarta. While there I forged circumstances and conditions to be able to cook meals with groceries there. So, a lot of changes in recipes that I did from the recipe book. I was so skilled recipe modification. Right now, its time ease of technology, so stay looking on the internet.

Whether the mother had been a hobby of cooking from the first?

Precisely first I could not cook at all. I never falls to the kitchen to cook. When married, I just started to learn to cook. My professor used to say, she did not have to being told to learn to cook. Later, when he found a partner who think she deserves to be made a meal, he will learn by itself. I agree. Her love for her husband and children was the one who made me want to present the best cuisine.