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Test Pack is just one among the works of the film, which also gain praise. Meanwhile, the song that became the soundtrack of the film Jablay Suddenly Dangdut is also recorded in the minds of many people of Indonesia. Appropriate that the man born in Jakarta, which in August turns 38 later this year approached the award of filmmakers. FFI Vidia Cup for best screenplay freelance stories for July in June 2005.

The following year, two awards disabetnya, Top Stylists Edit FFI Vidia Cup 2006 and Best Original Story Writers Citra Award for Denias, Singing on the Cloud. Monty born with blood Sangir, North Sulawesi also spawned novels. Apparently, stringing words is the fourth son of the deceased talent MDJ Tiwa and Ligia this Seba. In addition to laying out piawi words, a graduate of the University of Kansas is also able to assemble seasonings and food ingredients. Cooking was once a part of the day-to-day, as long as people live in the country.

Hear-hear, cook it?

First time 97 years studying in America's often cook their own, usually beef, braised wear padded let the beer, then grilled. I love beef because there is rather low and that beer, always in the refrigerator.

Discipline eat or when was it?

If longer shooting on location instead of discipline as always prepared lunch boxes, three times a day. Then again not shooting it like not even regularly skip winder.

What is usually the choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

If mornings are usually chicken porridge or bread, lunch can be variations, chicken and rice or rice and meat, but the important thing there should be vegetables and sauce.

You before eating berdoakah?

Definitely. I was educated from childhood like that.

Got a favorite family recipe?

Many. Sop brendeboen (red beans), chicken tuturuga (chicken coconut milk), and lalampa (lemper grilled fish contents). Unfortunately, the recipe is on my mother.

How to comfort food?

Many. For example, rice and chicken jaha tuturuga (North Sulawesi). If there is food it really feels so comfortable, felt again the warmth of family gatherings when I grew up from childhood to adulthood.

What are you doing these days?

Preparation of a new movie, and wrote several scenarios.

What is the motto in the work?

Always been the same. Do not be afraid to try something new that.

Mind your wildest culinary matter?

Because a movie survival Hollywood, never pingin nyoba eat raw raw snake in the mountains.

Ever thought of food so inspiring movie you?

Usually the source of the idea for the film could come from anywhere. Books, newspapers, movies, real events. If so inspiring culinary problem has not been.

If so, what do you think about culinary Indonesia?

Indonesian cuisine is currently threatened by the proliferation of many retailers like seven eleven, and others. They provide a fast food so the choice of the young child. Whereas traditional snacks in my opinion much better.

Got a favorite street hawker dong?

Pecel pincuk Mrs. Ida in an alternative way Cibubur. Cheap and plenty of choice. Rawonnya..astaga! Many and tasty flesh.

The ideals which have not accomplished about food?

Pingin nyobain authentic African food, whatever it is.

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The first impression, make hungry, haha ​​... No culinary diversity in other countries more dasyhat from Indonesia. It's a fact!