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Tak Terkenal Tapi Ngangeni


Since childhood, Rachman Chakim Mukhlas have a great interest in the art world. Apparently she also likes to hunt and had a favorite food is typical of Banten, the land of his ancestors.

At the time of studying at the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities University of Indonesia was the one, he is familiarly called this Asep began to seriously pursue the arts. Together with some friends lectures, Asep formed a blues rock band named Wonderbra. Together Wonderbra, Asep who served as bassist has wara and forth in various stage, including, Jakarta Blues Festival, Jakarta Rock Parade, and Jakarta Rockin 'Festival. Not satisfied with Wonderbra, Asep also formed a Japanese rock band named Amakusa. If not busy gigging, Asep will spend the time to play games or follow the theater.

Principle eat what you profess?

Humans are the top chain of the food chain, the strong will win. The point is to become the consuming or eaten. I grew up in Banten where people still adhered to the system. Supposing we have hunters food, really hunt for food.

Got a story about the culture of eating Banten?

In the past when I was a kid, my father often invited to hunt. In the past, hunting the first time I did was fishing. At that time, my dad and I managed to get the eel. When baking obtained eel, my father did not bake until cooked eel but only half-baked, still containing blood dripping. Blood can be interpreted as the existing life. And we did not even throw the blood that is in the body of the eel. And do not be mistaken about this, we as hunters better appreciate the food that we can.

What is the meaning of hunting for you?

I think hunting is a way to keep the primal instinct of man.

Speaking of dishes Banten Banten specialties like what you like?

Lots of real cuisine of Banten which I like. Some of them are Angeun pepper and rabeg. Pepper Angeun it like soup meat, although there is a vegetable but contain more meat.

What flavor and uniqueness Angeun Pepper?

It was spicy but when compared to the typical cuisine of Padang, yes Angeun Pepper is still no spicy-spicy. However, because I was from the tribe of Sunda, for me Angeun spicy pepper. Angeun Pepper has a distinctive odor because it wears leaves walang cuisine as an ingredient. Walang leaf is also only grow in areas Ciomas or Pandeglang. This walang leaves smell like stinky rice pest. So Angeun Pepper is a meat soup that smells like stinky rice pest. Yet despite the smell, this pepper Angeun tasty and ngangenin. For people who do not like the pungent smell, Angeun Pepper is definitely going to make vomit.

Why not use aromatic ingredients to dampen this stinky smell?

Somehow, the combination of savory and spicy pepper Angeun can only be obtained from the use of this walang leaves. And seems to also be emphasized the use of leaf walang to distinguish it from other meat soup.

Angeun Pepper can be found free in Banten?

Rarely does, who can cook Angeun Pepper also just people around Ciomas or Pandeglang. Angeun Pepper also usually only be served when the whole family gathered as in the great days. Rarely used for everyday meals

Why Banten particular dish Angeun less famous Lada?

Because in Banten culture documenting something is still lacking. Very rarely Banten people want to document the existing culture. While many typical dishes of Banten which need to be disseminated.