Cooking Abroad

Terbatas Bukan Tak Mungkin


Living in South Korea is not as beautiful as imagined. Affairs of the stomach could be a problem, but I and friends seperantauan not give up so easily.

I even had four years traveling the country with the nickname of the land of the morning calm this. Many have thought, living in South Korea is very beautiful, see hallyu (Korean term for Korean Wave) directly, meet beautiful artist, and actor handsome.

Well, first it's interesting. But when it comes to affairs of the stomach, ... hmmm ... this is difficult, especially for Muslims like me. Therefore, most of the food here is not kosher, including his Ramyon (which in Indonesia also need to be careful). Therefore, cooking at home can be a challenge.

At the beginning of living in this country, my cooking is not half-hearted, even for 7-8 people at a time. That's because we, the women, helped also fellow man to eat healthy foods at once kosher. Quite often the single women or housewives open catering services that are not profit-oriented here, because basically they want to help provide food that is halal and healthy (healthier for the body or bag).

Dividing time between school and cook in a jumbo certainly brings its own difficulties. What I do is make a list, buy all the groceries, and then store it in the refrigerator for a week cooking stock. At the time, chicken and halal meat to be had in store Pakistan, the stock came once a month. Especially for chicken and meat, I store it in large quantities in the freezer. In at least one day a week I give a menu of meat, the rest mostly vegetables or meat as a complement, not the main menu.

Over time, increased demand for halal products, so some participating stores provide halal products. One of them is a grocery store in the market near my school, which provides a chicken and halal meat. Thank God, it is very easy for me to get halal food ingredients now.

Another exciting experience about Indonesian food cooking is when the International Food Festival was held at my campus each summer. My fellow Indonesian and here is never absent. Three years ago, we work together to make a grilled chicken salad and iced fruit flavoring. In less than half an hour after the bazaar opened, the food we've sold out. Perhaps, the fragrant aroma of grilled chicken that inspires people to try our food. Not only Koreans who enliven our booth, but also the stranger who was passing by. All hooked want to taste. The next year, we made rice cake and soup. The result is the same, the food is sold to the guard missed. When away from family, moments like this keep us warm and not feel alone. This is what makes us survive from all the limitations.