Ujian Semester

For me, test it, it's time to learn with my friends until midnight even early morning. That is, the food is also different as a typical day ...

Last week, my bbm's with younger cousin who was studying at UGM. She was asking for prayer, no semester exams tomorrow he said. My cousin sister being passable heavily chatting to om, aunt, cousin and brother-sister dimintain for prayer. Understandably still children 1st semester, majoring in engineering physics as well, which he said would have been to IP over 3.5 has been categorized as a super student.

Very different with my accounting children. Can IP 3.5 is still an average student because buanyak once a student in my class with this IP, if the IP 3.6 upwards can then enter "smart student". Well if it's 3:00 IP under the name "lazy students" because for children IP accounting 3:00 it still could be pursued anyway and not ngoyo-ngoyo very well after her.

So remember the days of college two years ago. Trials, it means, it's time to learn with my friends until midnight even early morning. Usually, we nginep in boarding or home one friend so not complicated thinking about how do I return midnight. As a friend who studied passengers usually have to know yourself dong to bring a snack, so that more exciting to learn barengnya. Snacks are fitted to the pockets of students, most, yes, snack kilogram or martabak. Never knew snack kilogram? You know .. sort of peppery taste or flavor crisps cheese, cereal chocolate, spicy fried macaroni, or astor, everything can be retailed in ounces. Buy 10,000-an amount wrote, it can get all sorts.

Before the study is completed, we usually do not eat a big first. You see, if you had been eating mostly instead of the more concentrated learning but instead sleep. He said, if the meal, we will be more blood flow to the stomach compared to the brain. In addition, rice and sweet drinks also contain a lot of glucose, which he also can make easily sleepy when most. You see, insulin was rapidly rising, and rapidly declined, as a result we so easily limp.

Well, if the test has finished, return the exam, normally, I would reward myself a good meal. Whether it's a snack ice Oyen plus dumplings, or buy rice Rames with variations of more than three kinds of side dishes. It is a reward for myself because it has been pretty hard study, although the value of the test has not been announced, he..he..he ...