Usai Lebaran

One month of fasting, a day celebrated on the Feast, a lifelong impact. So, if so, after Eid delicious?

After Eid delicious eat what? "Want a light-light," said a friend. "I want the fresh, because of Eid-round milk" said a friend again. "I wish, which is salty and fresh," said another. Apparently, after Eid all want to return to the original taste. to comfort food each, as well as life, as if to start everything from the starting point.

Speaking of taste origin, or comfort food, can be chili, one of them. Sambal is always missed the tongue of Indonesia, especially after the feast. It does not not present during Lebaran yesterday sauce. Sambal is like never absent from the family table Indonesia. But the sauce also had a personal signature tablets.

Let's look at the kitchen Indonesia. The large kitchen store lots of chilli in the archipelago. Variety of flavors and colors. Call alone, chili plow, chili paste, chili matah of Bali, Dabu-Dabu sauce from Manado, or cork fish sauce, which is so innovation of mothers home-based entrepreneurs in the range of West Java. The material is not complicated, there cabainya important. Start of curly red chili, red chili big, curly green chili, green chili big, red chili sauce origin Manado, or green chili.

Sambal incomplete if only chili, there must be his friends, according sauce intended. There are disposable hazelnut sauce, garlic, and onion. There is also the use of fish cork, ebi dried, fried anchovies until fried peanuts. If comrades from across Java, there are sprinkle marijuana for chili region. But, no matter how good the material, if the creator does not piawi nguleknya sauce, might taste a fight at the dinner table. Instead sauce is obtained, even make speneng head, as they say Jakarta if another headache feels like going to explode.

Pengulek indeed have an important role when preparing the sauce. Including when selecting mortar used. But, all pengulek role, it could be complicated if the materials sauce itself was agreed to trust and obey the alias sauce maker willing to crushed. Just imagine, if material, and the other one berloncat-stepping in a mortar. It could all night not enough time making chili missed tongue.

Just imagine, if the chili was more important than the pecans for example, or ebi although not the main ingredient feel more valuable because there he is, then the sauce so it has its own signature. Repot the pengulek nian made, is not it? Not to mention if the salt, as a binder mix all the flavors and taste into harmony (for no excess or less in number) is not functioning. Well salt was dumped for being trampled pedestrians instead?

All it takes to obey the pengulek sauce to arrive at the destination. Otherwise, what's gathered in the mortar. In contrast it is one thing, togetherness to obey did not happen because of uniformity as well apparently. As election time ago.

After Eid heck, delish not hail one or two fingers, but regards the three fingers, which means the unity of Indonesia. Then to me, shake again with 5 bersilatuhrahmi finger along with the new President and Vice President. Eat together in the mat with chili collection archipelago kitchen so one of his comfort food.

If you were provoked saliva, want nyolek sauce, simply click! Variety sauce will be present. Quite obey instructions, sauce is also not going to deviate taste. See you next year feast!