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Vintage Itu Laksa

Lutfi Hasan, owner Jakarta Vintage Showroom , like everything that is vintage, including laksa.

Behind laugh off, Lutfi Hasan save a myriad of science, ranging from communication, digital world, social media, and everything smelled vintage. "That includes all the categories of the vintage is 100 years old. If you like furniture that is older than 100 years, called antique or old. Make this one, you do not do anything, just preserve it. But if the vintage is not a problem to be modified finishing his or replaceable. The important thing is still the same shape, "said Lutfi.

"Life is about looking forward, UNLESS it's vintage" is the motto Lutfi when establishing Jakarta Vintage Showroom. Passion for vintage triggered when parents give gifts to her wedding Lutfi. "I can be a set of chairs along the existing salon turntable and radio used to be in the room as a child. Since then, a domino effect of a set of furniture until the others also vintage," he recalls. "Initially there was ethnic and antique, but since 2010 I have focused on urban vintage now. As it turns ethnic, especially antique, heavy, and less flexible." Explore the world of vintage arguably a translation of the desire to be something unique Lutfi.

"I wanted something unique, something that reminds me of my happy childhood," said Lutfi.

That is when it comes to furniture. How about a matter of kitchen and food?

According to you, Indonesian cuisine which includes vintage?

Laksa. Why? Maybe because I've known since childhood laksa. The residence time in Bogor, I often see itinerant handyman laksa bring pikulannya. On the side of the sauce, the other side of rice noodles, and vegetables. While traveling, the driver tapped the bowl with a spoon. Now you could say laksa is rare, just as chairs vintage rare. Others with meatballs that from the beginning until now is still easy to find. Unlike the Malaysian laksa containing shrimp and others, we contents more laksa noodles, vegetables, basil, chicken, and eggs. What I can not forget the gravy yellow.

What your own favorite cuisine?

What are the traditional I like, such as vegetables and tamarind ve. There is another one that seems now gone too, but at least every widths must be in the house, namely vegetable ase. Basically the ase vegetable vegetable green chili. Using a lot of green chili, green chili peppers used curly. Plus coconut milk, chicken bowel, such as liver and gizzard, and shrimp. Disposable eating cake or rice. Actually, it's not too spicy, but because a lot and cabainya opened, becomes spicy. So good, so I like it a lot. If in-laws house, vegetable asenya like it, use coconut milk. While at my house, there are also vegetable ase, but do not use coconut milk broth clear. I think this vegetable is very unique and exotic, because we usually do not eat green peppers as vegetables.

Your home kitchen design vintage ever entered Martha Stewart Living magazine. How troubleshooting wed vintage kitchen that must be maintained with a kitchen that can work everyday?

At first I liked the style of the former timber ships, but could not add the furniture because it was too much. Incidentally, at that time I was already damaged kitchen. So, terpikirlah, using old wood colors in the kitchen, all of them use old wood.

Speaking of design and function, in fact it's not two different worlds.

Vintage it is his style, while the terms of its function, with old wooden table that we can seal waterproof coating that is water resistant. Most important to the kitchen is the lighting, so that we can see clearly what we are cut into pieces and put into the pot. Wherever possible use natural light. Both are important, the air circulation. In addition, ample room is equally important. Do not get us there kejeduk cooking time.