Cooking Abroad

Yang Hemat Obati Rindu


Very easy to find meatball across the country. But, in quite another story shoreline.

From a small survey I did on 23 female friend, 22 of them admitted fan of meatballs. One person claimed less idolize, but if not treated refuse, anyway ... In conclusion, the meatballs are the most popular menu woman. There are many models that can be found from region to region. Start traditional meatballs berpermukaan smooth, which is deeply, containing cheese, eggs or mushrooms, until meatballs tofu and fried meatballs. There are many other places that sell meatballs in the homeland.

Unlike in Indonesia. Living in New Zealand made me realize that the meatballs are not easily available food anywhere. Here, meatballs can only be found in supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. That was not a bowl of meatballs complete with his friends. Occasionally I never bought that made in China or Thailand. Baksonya vacuum wrapped and frozen form (frozen). However, the texture of homemade meatballs subscription defeat with my meatballs in Yogya. The price is quite expensive. One pack contains 10-15 grains pegged at $ 8 or approximately Rp. 80,000, 00 (eighty thousand dollars).

I decided to learn to make their own meatballs. After browsing recipes on the internet, I choose the ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. I know, chemicals such as sodium tripolyphospat or mixphos can make meatballs more chewy texture and dense, but these chemicals are hard to come by in New Zealand.

So, I was challenged to create a healthy meatballs, although I am aware of the shape will not be perfect as it is sold in the market.

I buy in the supermarket meatball ingredients: minced beef, tapioca flour, garlic, and beef broth with limited capital. Total purchases $ 5 late, but I am sure my recipe will produce meatballs in the amount of more than buying meatballs so.

I remember this child boarding, cookware too simple. So, minced meat, starch, garlic (my previous scar manual), I knead with hands until well blended and slightly more refined than the initial manufacture. Then, I shape the dough balls and boiled in broth boiling water. If meatballs float, meaning meatballs are ripe and ready drenched ice cubes so that the texture is chewy. As expected, homemade meatballs this shape is not smooth. Texture clot like cystic acne, although the dough is already flat. Chewy texture is also not because I did not wear pengenyal material. Because the surface is rough, I call this meatball meatballs Brundul (if brindil for hair, if brundul meatballs surface means that the clot-clot).

But, make no mistake. Do not judge the book by its cover.

My principle, the shape is not important as long as it tastes good and can be eaten.

I am proud that my homestay family and friends say I made meatballs tasty and worth enjoyed. Also savory broth. More delicious when added sliced ​​chili, raw sauce or chili powder. I became interested in trying more variants of other dishes that can use the meatballs, such satai peanut sauce, kebabs, omelets, pizza, or else.

Even more satisfying, total spending $ 5 I was generating about 38 grains of meatballs the size slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball. Assuming one person eat 5 eggs, a recipe I could be 7-8 servings. For children boarding, of course this incredible savings. Feeling nostalgic eat meatballs also reciprocated!