Preparing Ingredients

Homemade Food Colorant

Commercial food colorants that are food grade are widely available and safe to consumer. But, if we can make them ourselves at home, why not?
The interesting thing is that for every food color there is a natural ingredients for it. Green can be achieved from suji (L. Dracaena angustifolia) and pandanus leaves. Suji leaves release a stronger green color compared to pandanus leaves, whilst the latter give a sweet aromatic smell. So, the two leaves combined give a combination of green with sweet-smelling pandan.
Steps: Chop finely both leaves, and grind to a paste. You can also use food processing. Squeeze out the juices, and strain. If you want to keep it for few days, add limewater.
The bright green color on the picture is the result of a commercial food colorant (left), whilst the more intense green color is the result of the suji and pandanus leaves combined (right).