Right Oil Temperature


The right temperature for sautéing

  1. Cooking oil that hardens in room temperature will melt when heated. When the oil that simmers at the bottom of the pan stars to rise to the surface and looks shiny. This signals the right temperature for sautéing vegetables. 
  2. At this temperature, the oil has just started to melt, but has not reached its smokepoint, coating the pan so that ingredients won't stick to the pan. The color and texture of stir-fried vegetables will look appealing.

The right temperature to fry chicken and meat

  1. To achieve a dry and crispy coating on chicken and meat, the oil temperature must be hot. Hot oil will instantly dry the ingredients surface and trap the juices inside.
  2. What is the signal when the oil is hot? It will start to smoke, which means that we are ready to put in the meat.